Rosemary Conley: Does her Diet Plan actually work?

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan

Rosemary Conley Quick Summary

Rosemary Conley Diet Plans require you to eat fewer calories, make healthier food choices, and exercise daily to lose weight. Eating fewer calories than you burn is an effective way to shred fat and lose inches on your waist.

However, it’s not necessary to spend your money on an online fitness and diet club or an app when you can find alternatives at no cost on the internet.

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The Rosemary Conley Story

Rosemary Conley is an accomplished businesswoman, author, and TV presenter.  She first started her career in 1971 with her own diet and fitness group called the Slimming and Good Grooming Club.

The Slimming and Good Grooming Club were a series of evening classes run by Rosemary Conley to help local women lose weight and slim down.

During 1986, Rosemary Conley suffered from gallstones and was recommended to take on a low-fat diet as an alternative to surgery. Her fat-loss experience with this diet led her to write her the internationally-known book, Hip and Thigh Diet.

Rosemary Conley Classes

She went on to create Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs as a support group for those taking on her diet plan and using her fitness programs. The franchised clubs became successful, resulting in over 70,000 members across the UK.

Unfortunately, all franchised club operations were forced to close due to the economic downturn of 2014.

Rosemary Conley Magazine

Then in 1996, Rosemary Conley launched her own publication called the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine.

However, due to the economic downturn of 2014, the magazine was forced to close and end production.

How old is Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley was born on December 19th, 1946. At the time of writing this article, she is currently 73-years-old.

Rosemary Conley House

In 1992, Rosemary Conley purchased her Leicestershire home, also famously known as the Quorn House.

She intended to use the 127-acre estate as the corporate headquarters of the Rosemary Conley empire. It contained a TV studio, media center, and exercise rooms for classes. It also functioned as a training center for the franchised clubs.

However, after 21 years of use, the Rosemary Conley house was put back on the market again after the business collapsed.

Rosemary Conley Twitter

Rosemary Conley’s Twitter consists of tweets with a daily fitness challenge as well as retweets from fans and followers mentioning her diets and books.

Rosemary Conley Diet

Rosemary Conley is well-known for several of her diet plans, with the most popular one being the Hip and Thigh Diet, published in 1988.

What is the Rosemary Conley Diet? – Rosemary Conley Hip and Thigh Diet

The Rosemary Conley Hip and Thigh Diet was a diet that consisted of eating low-fat food to spot-reduce trouble areas on the body like the hips and thighs.

How does Rosemary Conley Diet work?

The Rosemary Conley Hip and Thigh Diet encouraged dieters to only eat food with 5% or less fat content. Oily fish, porridge oats, and lean meat were an exception to this rule.

Her plan also recommended regular exercise in conjunction with low-fat food. If you were a member of one of her franchised Diet and Fitness Clubs, you also got a 45-minute aerobic exercise class with a  trained instructor.

However, medical experts released a study in 1997, stating that changing your diet or doing certain exercises cannot reduce fat from specific parts of the body.

Dieticians have gone on to claim that the Hip and Thigh Diet was just another fad diet.

Rosemary Conley Diet Recipes

If you want to check out Rosemary Conley’s Diet Recipes, those can be found on the official Rosemary Conley diet website.

Rosemary Conley Diets

Rosemary Conley Diet Plans

On the Rosemary Conley website, the online diet club outlines four modern diets and three classic diets from Rosemary Conley.

The four modern diets are the 321 Diet, Complete Lifestyle Change, Plant-Based, and 28-Day Lean and Clean.

The three classic diets are the Amazing Inch Loss Plan, Fat Attack Booster, and Gi Hip and Thigh.

Despite so many different types of diet plans, it seems that all of the diets encourage eating healthier food within daily calorie-restrictions to help you lose weight and burn fat.

Next, we’ll be talking about some of the more popular Rosemary Conley diet plans.

Rosemary Conley 321 Diet

The Rosemary Conley 321 Diet Plan consists of incorporating “light” calorie days (approximately 800 calories max) into your normal week.

In the first week of the diet, you choose 3 days to eat at 800 calories maximum, with the other 4 days being normal eating days.

The second week onwards, you choose 2 days for light calorie eating, and then 5 days for normal eating.

Then for weight maintenance, Rosemary Conley recommends 1 light calorie day, with the rest of the week being normal eating days.

Rosemary Conley recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily with this diet.

The book that Rosemary Conley published in 2015 called The 3-2-1 Diet states that this is a diet plan for people who are constant cravers, feasters, and emotional eaters.

The book mainly includes low-calorie recipes to fit into the light 800 calorie days she suggests. There are also gluten-free and lactose-free plans in the book as well.

Rosemary Conley Diet Review

Rosemary Conley Gallstones Diet

The Rosemary Conley Gallstones Diet is the diet that Rosemary Conley devised for herself back in 1986 when she was diagnosed with gallstones.

She was offered an operation to remove her gallbladder but the operation would be invasive and require long recovery time.

Rosemary Conley refused the operation and opted to manage the gallstones symptoms on her own. She started eating food that was lower in fat as she noticed fat triggered her symptoms.

Not only did she feel better, but she noticed she was much slimmer and looked great. This led Rosemary Conley to write the Hip and Thigh Diet as a result of her gallstones diet.

Rosemary Conley App

The Rosemary Conley App is a mobile app that works in conjunction with your Rosemary Conley Online Diet Club membership.

Some of the features of the Rosemary Conley App include tracking your weight and inputting food and fitness into a diary.

However, some users complain about the bugginess of the app, stating that it often crashes when opened. Other users complained that there are no recipes on the app and that the food database for the food diary is very limited.

Rosemary Conley Facial Flex

Facial Flex is a facial exercise gadget that claims to tone up your face, neck, and chest and help you look younger. It also claims to be a cost-effective alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Rosemary Conley is the UK distributor of Facial Flex in 2018. She has personally used Facial Flex and her experience can be found on her official website.

She swears the Facial Flex to be cheaper and safer than a facelift and one of her secrets to looking young in her advancing years.

Rosemary Conley Portion Pots

Rosemary Conley states that dieters don’t usually lose weight as fast due to overestimating portion sizes. She created these Portion Pots to help dieters portion control and track their daily calories.

The Portion Pots consist of 4 multi-colored measuring cups on a ring. It comes with a guide card to help measure out portions for certain food like rice, porridge oats, pasta, baked beans, and more.

Although these Portion Pots are useful in theory, it is greatly limited by the amount of information on the Guide Card.

It would be better to use a nutritional scale to weigh out food for portion control and daily calories. This way, you are not limited to whatever information is provided by the Guide Card and you are free to measure out any food you want.

Rosemary Conley 321 Diet

Rosemary Conley Diet Review

Overall, Rosemary Conley has done quite a lot for the health and wellness industry in the UK.

Her Diet and Fitness Club have offered diet support and motivation to thousands of people.

Though her fitness advice and weight loss methods have good intentions, it’s hard to praise her diet plans to be effective and useful in the long-term.

Rather than providing helpful information for healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight, it seems that Rosemary Conley company pushes you to constantly purchase its products or its online diet club membership so that you feel dependent on it to lose weight.

Weight loss information, fitness apps, and support groups can easily be found on the internet at no cost.

All of the complicated diet plans on the Rosemary Online website sound promising, but they all essentially encourage you to do the same thing: eat fewer calories, more healthy food, and daily exercise.

If you want a boost in your fat burning, we recommend using a natural appetite suppressant that is safe and effective in helping you shred fat.

I’ve personally been on a weight loss journey myself and was able to lose 10 kgs at a healthy rate, without any club subscription or diet plan.

I simply tracked my calories, exercised twice a week, and used a natural appetite suppressant to help me eat less and maximize my weight loss results.

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