Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi: Is This The Best Multivitamin?

NutriGenesis Reviews

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  • Premium whole-food nutrients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Prebiotic capsules
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


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NutriGenesis Multi Quick Summary

NutriGenesis Multi is a powerful and clean multivitamin supplement that comes in prebiotic-infused NutriCap capsules.

The NutriGenesis nutrients are specially lab-grown for optimal nutrient content and easy absorption in your body.

This multivitamin is an all-natural, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly supplement that will maximize your health benefits.

NutriGenesis Multi is actually the best multivitamin that we recommend on VALUE Network.

Check out the Women’s Multi or Men’s Multi on the Performance Lab website.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Review

NutriGenesis Multi (formerly known as Whole-Food Multi) is a highly bioavailable and clean multivitamin from Performance Lab that comes in a Men’s formula and a Women’s formula.

The benefits of taking NutriGenesis Multi include:

  • Better daily nutritional support – provides more than 100% Daily Value  of 17+ nutrients
  • Optimal nutrient absorption – restore important nutrients and maximize benefits
  • Tailored to specific health needs – precise dosing and consideration of hormonal support

NutriGenesis Multi sounds like it could be the best multivitamin to take but does it really provide the benefits it claims?

In this NutriGenesis Multi review, we talk about what NutriGenesis is, review both the Men’s and Women’s formula, and reveal our honest experience of using it.

NutriGenesis Multivitamin

What is NutriGenesis? – NutriGenesis Reviews

NutriGenesis is an advanced method of producing bioavailable and high-quality vitamins and minerals that are more efficient and effective for the body.

But aren’t real fruits and vegetables better for you?

Research analysis of the past 50 years’ of agricultural nutrition data suggests a gradual nutrient decrease in fruits and vegetables. This could be due to a variety of factors such as soil depletion, high-yield practices, along with pesticides and herbicides.

As food becomes less nutrient-dense, how else will we be able to supplement our nutritional needs?

This method created by Performance Lab strives to mirror nutrient genesis in nature by replicating the process in well-supervised, clean lab conditions.

Here’s how NutriGenesis is made:

  1. Planting – a seed nutrient in the form of a mineral is embedded into the glycoprotein matrix, which aids growth and development
  2. Germination – the seed nutrient receives nourishment from an added growth culture which acts as plant tissue in the matrix
  3. Growth – the NutriGenesis cultures then absorb the mineral salts, micronutrients, and water to help it grow
  4. Harvest – when the cultures are mature, the NutriGenesis nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and aminos) are collected, cleaned with purified water, and spray-dried

The resulting NutriGenesis nutrients are nature-identical to whole food nutrients and may be more easily recognized, absorbed, and used by your body for maximum health benefits.

Why are NutriGenesis nutrients better than a local drugstore’s multivitamin?

NutriGenesis nutrients are a cleaner and more effective option for nutrients compared to others on the market.

Cheaper, low-quality vitamin supplements often use synthetic or isolated nutrient forms. These nutrients are not natural and are made in questionable factory conditions.

Due to the fact that they aren’t natural forms of these nutrients, your body will often not recognize those synthetic nutrients, reject them, and expel them through urine.

So while drugstore multivitamin supplements may be more affordable, it’s possible that it’s a lower-quality supplement that won’t give you any benefits you expect.

NutriGenesis was specifically created to provide the most easily absorbed nutrients and the maximum amount of health benefits from a clean and safe supplement.

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NutriGenesis Women's Multi

NutriGenesis Multi for Women

NutriGenesis Multi for Women is a multivitamin supplement to help you restore nutrients that may be missing from your diet.

Adequate nutrient replenishment helps support healthy cell performance all over your body for maximum benefits.

NutriGenesis Women’s Multivitamin provides at least 100% Daily Value in 17+ essential vitamins and minerals for foundational nutritional support.

Not only that, but this multivitamin comes in vegan-friendly Nutricap capsules made from pullulan, a type of tapioca. Each Nutricaps is also infused with prebiotics to be easy to digest and absorb in the body.

In the next section, we’ll be taking a closer look at what important nutrients and benefits NutriGenesis Multi provide for you to feel stronger, healthier, and better.

NutriGenesis Womens Ingredients

Women’s NutriGenesis Multivitamin

NutriGenesis Multi for Women contains the most important nutrients including the ones that women need to take daily, which are Folate (Vitamin B12), Calcium, and Iron.


Calcium and Vitamin D are crucial to women’s nutritional intake because women are more susceptible to bone loss with age.

Calcium supplementation strengthens bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bone and can lead to breakage.

Vitamin D is also key to better bone health because it increases the absorption of Calcium and provides support for healthy muscles and nerves.

It’s absolutely beneficial to start supplementing Calcium and Vitamin D to build up stronger bone density now to combat the inevitable bone loss that comes with age later on.


Iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells as well as maintaining blood health.

Women lose some iron during menstruation which can lead to iron-deficiency anemia, a condition that causes fatigue, impaired immunity, and poor performance.

When women are pregnant, their bodies require double the amount of iron, so it’s very important to supplement enough iron for healthy development.

Folate (Vitamin B12)

Folate (Vitamin B12) is important to supplement to decrease the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida. Pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant are recommended to take a Folate supplement to ensure they get 400 to 800 micrograms for healthy baby development.

Later in life, the body’s ability to absorb Folate declines, and it becomes more difficult to replenish Vitamin B12 in food, so an effective supplement becomes necessary.

Performance Lab Women’s Multivitamin Review

NutriGenesis Multi for Women is a complete multivitamin that contains high-quality nutrients for your body to easily absorb and effectively use.

Not only does it provide the extra crucial nutrients that women need, but it also provides foundational nutritional support for healthier whole-body performance.

What sets NutriGenesis Women’s Multivitamins apart from others on the market is that the patented NutriGenesis nutrients are premium-quality and provides maximum nutritional benefit.

Performance Lab took high consideration in creating NutriGenesis nutrients to ensure that you are able to get the most effective vitamins and minerals while making it easy to take daily.

These premium-quality nutrients in NutriGenesis Multi for Women and its pre-biotic infused Nutricaps make it a clear winner among other multivitamins on the market.

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NutriGenesis Men's Multi

NutriGenesis Multi for Men

NutriGenesis Men’s Multi is a whole-food multivitamin supplement that provides foundational nutritional support tailored specifically for men.

It works to help restore important nutrients that may be missing from your diet to help you with daily vitality and long-term health.

The NutriGenesis nutrients are bioengineered with cofactors to increase absorption into your body and maximize the health benefits you’ll gain.

NutriGenesis Multi for Men contains at least 100% Daily Value of 17+ essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures that you get the best quality nutrients to support whole-body biological performance.

This multivitamin also uses vegan-friendly NutriCap capsules made from pullulan (tapioca). These NutriCaps are also infused with prebiotics, making it digestion-friendly and easy to absorb.

Next, we’ll be taking a look at what important nutrients and health benefits NutriGenesis Multi for Men can provide for you.

NutriGenesis Mens Ingredients

Men’s NutriGenesis Multivitamin

NutriGenesis Multi for Men provides all of the important nutrients that men need to support healthier biological performance, such as Zinc, Vitamin D, and Potassium.


Zinc is a crucial trace mineral because it has a role in cell growth, division, and DNA synthesis. It’s also significant in aiding immunity and wound healing.

One study has linked Zinc to healthy testosterone regulation. This allows the body to properly maintain and regulate testosterone production over time.

Zinc deficiency can lead to infections, hair loss, and poor wound healing. It’s beneficial to supplement 11 mg of Zinc a day for the optimal immune system and cell metabolism.

Vitamin D

Usually known for its bone health benefits, Vitamin D has been linked to aiding in diabetes prevention, immune health, heart health, and depression.

There is even some research to suggest that Vitamin D can help increase testosterone levels.

Getting enough Vitamin D may be difficult if you live in a country with little sunlight or don’t have the opportunity to get enough sunlight.

It’s important to supplement enough Vitamin D, at least 15 mcg a day, to help strengthen your bones and improve your resistance to disease.


Potassium is an underestimated mineral that is linked to many powerful health benefits.

It can function similarly to an electrolyte by regulating fluid balance, nerve synapses, and muscle contractions.

Potassium helps activate nerve impulses throughout your entire body. Adequate potassium intake can help you maintain a healthy nervous system.

This mineral may also help reduce blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

Potassium is a beneficial mineral to supplement in your diet to ensure your body is working at its best.

Performance Lab Men’s Multivitamin Review

NutriGenesis Multi for Men is an effective multivitamin made with patented NutriGenesis nutrients to ensure you can easily absorb and benefit from whole-food vitamins and minerals.

This men’s multivitamin contains at least 100% Daily Value of more than 17 essential vitamins and minerals, providing you with complete nutritional support every day.

NutriGenesis nutrients are specially made and carefully lab-grown to make sure each and every nutrient is clean and bioavailable for your body to benefit from.

Other multivitamins on the market may be cheaper but could be produced with low-quality synthetic or isolated nutrient forms. These factory-made nutrients look structurally similar to their natural counterparts but your body will recognize it as foreign substances and reject it.

NutriGenesis multivitamins use whole-food nutrients with cofactors that make it nature-identical. Research has shown that whole-food nutrients are more easily recognized by the body and are absorbed better for maximum health benefits.

With prebiotic-infused vegan capsules and premium-quality nutrients, NutriGenesis Multi for Men is an excellent addition to support your health daily.

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Performance Lab Multivitamin

My Real Experience with NutriGenesis Multi

I decided to test out NutriGenesis Multi for Women and see if it’s really as bioavailable and effective as it states.

My current diet isn’t as nutrient-rich as I would like it to be so I figured a daily multivitamin would be a great addition to help me out.

From the Performance Lab website, I ordered the 3-month supply that comes with 1 free box for £87.00.

This 4-box bundle comes with free worldwide shipping too, so it brings the cost down to £21.75 per bottle compared to a £29.00 single bottle.

To know if NutriGenesis Multi for Women was really working for me, I needed to take it for more than a couple of months to accurately evaluate it.

Here’s what happened when I took NutriGenesis Multi:

The recommended dosage of NutriGenesis Multi is 4-6 capsules a day. I would take 2 capsules in the morning and then 2 capsules in the evening. This way, I’d be spreading the nutrients out through the day instead of all in one megadose.

After a week or two of taking this multivitamin, I’m noticing that I have more energy during the day and better concentration. It was also really easy for me to fall asleep and I have terrible sleep habits.

I attributed this to the addition of all the nutrients I was missing from before.

It’s seemed a little crazy to me that the minor health concerns I had before like brain fog and insomnia could have been easily solved with an effective multivitamin.

After two months, I noticed that my skin looks a lot better and my hair and nails feel stronger. My nails were actually growing a lot faster than they usually did, but I didn’t mind.

I haven’t changed my diet at all, I’m not eating any more fruits or vegetables than I was before. I feel so much healthier every day now, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of NutriGenesis Multi.

Would I recommend NutriGenesis Multi?

I would definitely recommend NutriGenesis Multi to anyone looking for a clean and effective multivitamin supplement to support their diet.

There were no side effects when taking NutriGenesis Multi. The dosing of every nutrient in the multivitamin is calculated with precision to ensure optimal benefits.

The premium-quality NutriGenesis nutrients really live up to its bioavailability claims and were easily absorbed by my body without any rejection.

Taking NutriGenesis Multi daily has really helped me improve my overall energy levels and made me feel like my body is at its healthiest.

If you want to read more about the benefits of NutriGenesis Multi and how you can start being healthier with it, visit the link below:

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NutriGenesis Multi + Stack

Performance Lab has a wide range of health supplements that stack seamlessly with NutriGenesis Multi.

All of the Performance Lab formulas are made to complement and support each other for optimal health benefits.


Performance Lab Sleep

NutriGenesis Multi provides additional mineral support to Performance Lab Sleep to help you relax muscles and nerves for deeper, better sleep.

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Performance Lab Prebiotic

Performance Lab Prebiotic helps enhance the absorption of important minerals in NutriGenesis Multi like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Prebiotic also works to support digestive, immune, and metabolic health.

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Performance Lab Energy

Performance Lab Energy is a stimulant-free energy supplement that works by optimizing cell energy. NutriGenesis Multi boosts cell energy metabolism by supplying B-complex vitamins for maximum support.

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Performance Lab Protein

NutriGenesis Multi provides all the foundational nutrients for muscle maintenance and repair. With the multivitamin, Performance Lab Protein replenishes protein stores and aids in healthy muscle development.

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Performance Lab T

NutriGenesis Multi for Men works with Performance Lab T+ to help support testosterone health with key nutrients and herbs for overall masculine performance.

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Performance Lab Discount Code

Performance Lab provides discount codes and special deals to customers on their email list. It’s free to join their email list and keeps you up to date with any current offers on Performance Lab products.

Currently, Performance Lab offers bundle deals on all of their supplements, including the NutriGenesis Multi.

We highly recommend the 4-box bundle of NutriGenesis Multi for the best savings.

One single bottle of NutriGenesis Multi (not including shipping) = £29.00
4-box bundle of NutriGenesis Multi + FREE shipping = £21.75 per bottle (£39.00 savings!)

This is a great discount on a high-quality supplement that amounts to £1.38 per day for optimal nutrition and health benefits.

That’s less than a cup of coffee to boost your daily vitality and start feeling healthier.

Performance Lab is so dedicated to creating the best supplements that it even has a 30-day Performance Promise. If you don’t see the results you want from any Performance Lab product, they will refund your money.

If you’re interested in checking out more deals on supplements by Performance Lab, visit their website in the link below:

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NutriGenesis Reviews

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multivitamin Review – Summary

NutriGenesis Multi by Performance Lab is a powerful and effective multivitamin supplement that is easy and safe to use.

What we love about the NutriGenesis Multi include:

  • Premium-quality nutrients – lab-grown whole-food nutrients that pack way more nutrition and benefits than competitors
  • Vegan-friendly NutriCaps – capsules are made from tapioca and are infused with prebiotics for easy digestion and absorption
  • Complete nutritional support – at least 100% Daily Value in more than 17 vitamins and minerals

Would we recommend NutriGenesis Multi? Yes, definitely.

NutriGenesis Multi makes it easy to restore all the important nutrients you need in a healthy diet with effective nutrients and digestion-friendly capsules.

From our review, it’s clear to see that NutriGenesis Multi is a premium multivitamin supplement with a price value that you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you want to learn more about NutriGenesis Multi and how it can give you a major health boost, check out the links below:

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